Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is it just me? (So High School - I can't believe it!)

Or is Facebook just another way to be rejected by the cool kids from High School? Just another immature popularity contest? LOL! What-ever you know who you least I don't need some serious botox yet. ;) Ok, no more ugly thoughts. Lord, please forgive me for being hateful.

So, do people from High School still pop up in your life from time to time? Some people never grow up and live for the drama. But, guess what - the high school glory days are far behind us at this point people. Very sad! Moving on...


  1. Oh lord. . .facebook. What can we say about it? On the one hand, it's an excellent method to keep in touch and to share photos, etc. (and by etc. I mean stalk -- haha -- totally kidding -- kinda. . .). On the other hand, it can make you want to scream. Take me for example, I am in grad school, I have a wonderful boyfriend, and a great family and friends. BUT the bf refused to take single off his profile -- my friends were less than supportive about this. Any idea how crazy you feel when you are in GRAD SCHOOL and begging your boyfriend to change his 'relationship status'!?! It's changed now, but seriously, facebook is/can be evil.

  2. Facebook....hmmmmm....I love it most of the time. It's such a great way to keep up with old friends as well as new friends! Hope your experience wasn't tooooo bad!

  3. One thing I forgot to say that irks me about some people on Facebook...THEY ask you to be a friend, you confirm and send them a note--asking how they are doing, etc. Then, they never answer. Nothing. Zip. What's the point????