Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Savvy is MIA!

I'm still alive but really busy trying to balance a crazy work week with Baby Girl's first stomach flu! It all started with a fever last Saturday and then she was ok for a few days and the vomiting started today. She hasn't been able to keep anything down this evening except for some pedialyte. Poor baby! She's sleeping now and hopefully that will do her some good! I spoke with the on-call doctor a little bit ago and she told me that there is a bug going around with 24 hour vomiting and also warned me that diarrhea is typically following it. Fun times people!

Now I have to suck down some coffee so I can stay awake long enough to finish my report for work. Being a Mommy is not easy! I'm working for the weekend ladies and hopefully I'll have something fun to blog about if Baby Girl is feeling better by then!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Fabulous Shopping Adventure!

DH and I didn't spend any money on Christmas because we were in the process of buying a new house. We were saving every spare penny for closing and moving costs since we still had to carry our current house until we get it rented out as well. Long story short, we were supposed to close on the new place on Tuesday but we backed out of the contract this past week because the inspection report came back with an elevated level of mold in the air duct system. Yuck - o! Mold is definitely a problem in Florida but I didn't expect this to happen because the new place is only 2 years old and the power was on when we were looking at it. The inspector said that the bank (it's a foreclosure) probably had the power cut off during the wet season and so no a/c = humidity in the house = mold! We could have negotiated with the bank to get them to pay to have it taken care of but with a little baby I just didn't feel right about it. Even if it was taken care of and tested ok I'd always have the mold in the back of my mind and whether or not if was affecting my baby or my pets. So, we're back to square one and hopefully we'll find something else soon so DH doesn't have to commute 3 hours a day!

The point of this story was to tell you that today we made up for not being able to spend any money on Christmas. Luckily, we have a fabulous outlet mall near us and we totally racked up on some awesome deals. DH got all of his goodies at Nautica and I got a couple of work clothing items at Banana Republic. But, I'm most excited about the awesome deals I found at Vineyard Vines! I was so excited to see that they opened an outlet store here!!! Check out the deals I got:

S/S Simple Tee in "Ruby Red" (a coral color) and "Jalapeno" (medium mint green color) Reg. $38, Sale = $12.99/each!

S/S Breeze Polo in "Sand Dollar" Reg. $72.00, Sale = $29.99!

S/S Breeze Polo in "Sea Mist" Reg. $72.00, Sale = $29.99!
(If you get one in pink, you have to get the green one too!)

I also got a pair of "Lazy Pants" lounge pants but I couldn't find a picture. Reg. $55, Sale = $24.99!

Merry (late) Christmas to me! :)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! I have to go into the office tomorrow to write a stupid report so I'm going to enjoy the rest of the day with my family. Later!

Giveaway from Good Gals, Inc!

Sorry for the long, serious post. I was having one of those days weeks and just needed to vent. Here's something a little more light-hearted to make up for it!

Kirby over at Good Gals, Inc. is having a fun giveaway just in time for Valentine's Day! Rush over there and sign up - tomorrow is the deadline!!! You know you want one of her cute pastie sets to surprise your Honey with! It's all in good fun!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Need A Break From My Life - How About You?

Oh - what a week! I'm so happy that tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is nearly here! Have you ever felt as though you needed a break from your life? I feel like that now. I'm feeling really overwhelmed right now with managing my career, my family, and household responsibilities. I feel like I'm not giving 100% to any one of those areas and I've been really down on myself about that lately. I'm my own toughest critic. Maybe I'm just being hormonal. LOL Or maybe it's because my birthday is just around the corner and it just reminds that that time keeps ticking and there's so much that I want to accomplish but haven't!

I keep saying to myself that this is the time to just do it and follow my dreams. But, I keep coming up with excuses. I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning. My dream? Well, in my 20's my dream was to finish graduate school, have this amazing career in my field (trying to keep this anonymous here), make a particular amount of $$ per year, and start a family by the time I was 30. Well, I did all of that and now I've come to the realization that I'm still not happy! What's wrong with me??? I think it's because my perspective has totally changed now that I have a child. I just feel so guilty leaving her at daycare everyday. I'm so uninspired and unmotivated in my work and I think that it's starting to show. I'm so worn out trying to balance it all and something has just got to give.

Anyway, like I was saying, now that I'm in my 30's I have new dreams. I just want to be the best Mommy and Wife. But, I also crave intellectual stimulation and I'm not about to let those $60,000 in student loans and my work experience go to waste so I'd really like to start my own business. I want to do something that I can run out of my home office and something that doesn't require as much time away from my family. So, what should I do? Any ideas? I have a few but I just don't know if they'll work. I guess that I'll never know if I don't try, right?!

I've always had in the back of my mind that I'd like to start a business but I've let my fears get in the way - namely that security of a regular paycheck! But, you can't have great reward without great risk. So, I've decided that 2009 is the year that I'll stop dreaming and start executing! I've already started sketching out my business plan but I have a lot more work to do!

So, what about you? What have you always wanted to do and what's holding you back?

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Giveaway!!!

Hurry on over to Miss Shasta's celebration of her 200th post on Bergdorf Blondes! She's having a drawing for a Pink Clarisonic Brush (retail value $195+tax)- amazing! As a newbie to blogland, this is my first give-away entry. It's so exciting! :)

It's only Monday?

This is going to be quick because I have so much going on. I'll have to fill you in later in the week when I have time to breathe. I'm just taking a quick break and then I'm back to cleaning up my house. Someone is coming tomorrow to look at it and we didn't expect to get any bites this soon so we're in a rush. Trying to move is so stressful!

All I can say is that I can't wait for Friday night. I have a date with the bathtub, a good book, and a bottle of cabernet for sure!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Note to self...

NEVER EVER let DD eat the entire jar of prunes again even if she loves them because you will be paying for it the rest of the day. Seriously - the rest of the day!!!!

Such a busy day!

I have such a busy day ahead of me! I want to get as much as possible done today so I can relax with my family tomorrow.

My Saturday to-do list:
1. Doggie baths
2. Laundry
3. Ironing (I never seem to get this one done!)
4. Meal Planning
5. Grocery shopping
6. Cook and freeze a couple of meals for the upcoming weeks.
7. The typical housecleaning scramble.

8. Get the child lock on my car door fixed.
9. Buy a highchair for my big girl.

I can't believe she's ready for a highchair already! I had originally registered for a very chic highchair that somewhat blended into my decor. But, I've learned that my DD is high energy and I have to keep her entertained or she's just not going to let me get anything done! So, I'm going with the rainforest highchair at Target. It's reasonably priced, has good reviews, and even comes with a toy to keep DD entertained while I try to get her food together.

I know that mothers aren't supposed to care about things like this, but I'm just not a fan of all of the brightly colored baby stuff that has taken over my house. It just clashes with everything and between the swing, jumper, playmat, and exersaucer - it's hard to walk around my living room! LOL But, it's a small price to pay for such a wonderful baby girl!

I used to follow the FlyLady's routine for housework. I'm still on the list serv but I just delete the emails. I've totally fallen off of the FlyLady wagon since I had DD but I have managed to keep a few good habits like making sure that my kitchen sink is shining before bed! I really need to get back to my old FlyLady routines because my house wasn't as chaotic then. I guess it's just taken me some time to get into a routine with DD. Plus, it doesn't help that DH now has over an hour commute both ways for his new job. He's no help in the mornings and not much better in the evenings. Ugh - being the wife and mother is exhausting! I so deserve a day at the spa and I'm hoping to do that soon - if I can find the time!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this...

I married my darling Husband (DH) right out of college. He's 6'4", handsome, loving, and incredibly wealthy. He worships the ground I walk on. I'm 5'9" and a perfect size 6. I always have cute hair depsite the Florida humidity and a perfect tan. Most days you'll catch me wearing an adorable Lilly sundress with my Jack Rogers or a pair of Seven jeans and a brightly colored Ralph Lauren slim-fit polo with my Rainbows if I'm feeling a bit more casual. I wear my large pearl earrings (an anniversary gift from my DH) almost everyday and I never leave the house without one of my designer bags and Chanel sunglasses.

My darling daughter (DD) is truly God's most wonderful blessing. My little baby's smile lights up my life! She is also perfect. DD never gets dirty, never cries, always sleeps through the night, and never spits up everything she ate for breakfast all over my leather sofa and herself minutes before I have to run out the door to get her to daycare and then myself to the office. That's because I don't work since we're so incredibly wealthy. I'm a lady of leisure but I keep myself busy with being a Mom, supervising the staff running the household, book club, shopping, and hosting Bunco (aka Drunco) once a month for all of my girlfriends.

Oh, I also have two little terriers - a boy and a girl. They too are perfect, naturally. They never bark incesstanly for no reason or have accidents in the house and they love it when I dress them up. They can even feed themselves!

Huh? What's that noise? Oh, a reality check you say?

Ok, so I slipped away to one my daydreams there for a while but I'm back. My life is pretty much like that anyway. I am married to my fabulous DH and I do have a precious baby girl. I am 5'9" but I don't think that I've ever been a size six. Actually, I'm just happy that I haven't crossed over to the plus sizes at this point. After having a baby, I'm dangerously close - yikes! I'm also not even close to being that put together. Hey, if I've had a shower, my clothes match, and I don't have baby spit up on me, then I'm happy.

By now, you've probably figured out that I'm not wealthy. Rather, I work somewhere around 50 hours a week (way too much!). I can't say what I do because I don't want any of my clients to find my blog! Finally, yes my little terriers terrors bark just for the heck of it. And YES, DD had projectile baby spew all over my leather couch, herself, and me right before we needed to run out the door this morning. I just sighed and dealt with it, of course. Don't get me wrong. I'm sooooo grateful for all of the blessings God has bestowed upon me during my short time on this earth. But, sometimes I just have one of those days when I think - My life wasn't supposed to turn out like this!

So, I've decided to stop stalking my favorite blogs and join you! Stay tuned as I chronicle my attempt at keeping it all together... :)

Southern Savvy