Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'm Blushing! Thanks for the Bloggy Love!

I received an award from Short Southern Momma! Thank you so much SSM! I really enjoy reading your blog and I'm loving the fonts that you were playing around with as well! I really need to get on the ball and make my blog pretty. Does anyone else feel like your "To Do" list is a mile long? Boo!!!!

Here are the rules of the "One Lovely Blog Award":

Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

I haven't been able to spend much time blogging lately but I would like to pass along the Lovely award to some of the newest blogs that I've come across. Please stop by and pay a visit to these lovely blogs!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I Hate Wal-Mart

At the end of my last post, I mentioned my disdain for Wal-Mart. I've received a few comments in response so I thought that I would elaborate on why I hate Wal-Mart and try my best to avoid shopping there.

Before I begin, let me say that this list is not all-inclusive in my loathing of all things Wally World and is based solely on my own personal experiences in multiple store locations throughout North Carolina and southwest Florida. For your sake my friends, I really truly hope that your local Wal-Mart rocks!

1. DIRTY! With the exception of the fairly new Super Wal-Mart by my house, every other Wal-Mart I've been in is a wreck. The aisles are crowed, the shelves are a mess, and it's just an overall unpleasant environment. Granted, it has to be hard to keep a store that large tidy when you have mass droves of customers with unruly children running through the store. So, I'll give them a little bit of a break which brings me to reason #2.

2. Unruly Children! Ok, you can find misbehaving children in just about any store but lucky me, I run into more of them in Wal-Mart than any other place. I'm still somewhat of a new Mother since I just have a 14 month old and soon to have a newborn. But, I hope and pray to God that my children don't ever act like that in a store. If they do, I would leave.

3. It Smells! This complaint is specific to the aforementioned Super Wal-Mart down the road. Most of the store is ok until you get to the grocery section. You know those grates in the floor where water can run into? I'm pretty sure that something or multiple somethings crawled into those pipes and died. That smell permeates throughout the grocery section. Why does anyone buy food there? It just makes me want to accidentally spill a bottle of bleach down one of those grates.

4. Red Meat. Yeah, beef is supposed to be red when you buy it. But, your filet mignon should not still be bright red after you've cooked it to a crisp because you were so perplexed as to why it didn't look done. Never.Ever.Again. Obviously, we didn't eat it and that's what I get for buying filet mignon at Wal-Mart. My bad.

5. Habla Ingles? You can call me a snob, an elitist, a right-wing conservative nut case. I don't care. If I walk into a place of business in the United States, I expect the employees who deal with the public to both speak and understand English. I shouldn't have to play a game of charades and point to my big pregnant stomach to find out if you sell maternity clothes and then you still don't understand me.

6. Weirdos Galore! What's with all of the weirdos, scary people, and those in denial of all of their jiggly but still wearing spandex doing at Wal-Mart? I've been freaked out and grossed out on more than one occasion. If you can relate, you'll get a laugh out of this website -

For your viewing pleasure, courtesy of People of Walmart:

I so don't need to see this but it happens all the time around here. People think that just because the beach is 15 minutes away, that THIS is ok. Wrong. Oh.So.Wrong!

Seriously?! Honey, that's one rainbow no one wants to see! UGH!

7. Lack of Variety. For such a large store, I find that Super Wal-Mart has a lack of variety particularly in the household products and grocery items. They'll carry only a couple of brands of a certain item and that's it. I've been disappointed several times to find that they don't carry the products I'm used to purchasing either at the grocery store or at Target. I'm guessing they can keep their prices down by negotiating with fewer vendors. It gives them more control and I understand it. I just don't like it.

Well, Little Bit just woke up from her nap. But, I think that this list is long enough for the time being. Feel free to add your comments!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Why, Thank You Very Much!

I'm late to say thank you, but Thank You Very Much to my bloggy friends who have sent me blog awards! I appreciate you reading my blog and your sweet comments!

Prissy Southern Prep gave me the You're A Gem award! Thanks Miss Prissy! Her blog is a private read so if you don't know her, let me tell you that she is such a sweet Southern lady who happens to have the cutest new haircut of which I'm totally jealous!

This award is for the special bloggers who take the time not only to read my posts, but also leave comments, respond to comments, form blog friendships with and support others, answer blogger questions, etc. . . . the ones who are "a real gem" in the bloggy world! The bloggy world wouldn't be the same without you! The only rule for this award is to accept it, display it proudly on your blog for all the bloggy world to see your greatness, and/or pass it on to other bloggers as you see fit. So, to the following bloggers I say, "you're a gem to me" and here is your award!

I'm passing along this blog award to the following gems:

Short Southern Momma
Solar Powered
Melissa's Heart and Home
Hula Girl at Heart
Peppermint Bee

I also recently received the Best Blog Award from my fellow Florida blogger Miss Hula Girl at Heart who also shares a love for the South!

The only rules for this award are to link back to the person who gave it you and to pass it on to 15 new bloggie friends, who have fabulous blogs of their own (and make sure you let them know they an award-worthy so they can proudly display the goods on their blog). Ok, I'm passing this award along to all of my followers with blogs because I can't just choose 15! Y'all are all award worthy!

Happy Friday Y'all! As soon as little bit wakes up from her nap we're off to Publix and Wally World. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Wal-Mart? Hmmm...there's another blog post brewing I think. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Diaper Genie

When we registered for baby stuff, my Husband insisted that we get the Diaper Genie II - because it had to be new and improved over the original Diaper Genie. He claims to be very sensitive to bad smells as in he has super human smelling powers. I recalled this memory and had to chuckle yesterday morning when he was trying to help me out by changing a stinky baby poo diaper.

I was in the kitchen cooking and I could hear DH at the other end of the house dry heaving and making all kinds of pitiful noises as he endured the baby stank. Then I hear his footsteps coming heavily down the hallway and he started yelling at me to get out of his way. WARNING - this is about to get graphic. Then DH sternly asked me to turn on the kitchen faucet and to pour some soap on his hands. Yep. He had vomited a little bit. LOLOLOL Because he's a big strong man, He claims it was the combination of the baby stank and *Me* because I had apparently left the lid of the Diaper Genie open from the last diaper change (but the lid open doesn't make a difference if you're familiar with how the Diaper Genie II works). Yeah, so this was my fault! Riiigghhhtt....

I don't seem to have this problem. And TRUST me - if he had a problem with a normal stinky poo diaper and the smell that was supposedly emanating from the Diaper Genie, how would he have handled the great 2 week diarrhea episode of August 2009?

So, my question is - since it doesn't bother me, is there something wrong with me or with him? Hmmm....

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Third Trimester! Hooray!

I'm in the third trimester now...finally! 12 more weeks to go before my due date on Christmas Eve. 12 Looonnnnnggg weeks. I'm really exhausted these days and feel somewhat handicapped. I do a little bit and then I need to rest - a lot! Part of the joys of being this pregnant coupled with pregnancy induced high blood pressure. But, thankfully we haven't crossed into preeclampsia territory this time and that's what I'm trying to avoid.

I know that I haven't been blogging lately but I have been trying to keep up with some blog reading. I'm slow but I'm trying! I spend most of my days taking care of DD and cleaning up her mess. I'm also trying to finish getting the house settled. It's been just over a month since we moved in. We're about 80% there. It takes all of my energy during the day to take care of DD, cooking, laundry, and to maintain the rooms we've already finished. I can't do much more than that. Some days I don't even get that far! So, my seriously darling Husband has been working on the rest of it on the weekends. He just gave the dogs a bath for me and he's working on my laundry room right now. Isn't he FAB?!

Now, all that is left is the guest bedroom. We keep the door closed because we're dreading dealing with that mess! That's where we've thrown all of the boxes and stuff that we don't know what to do with. Lots of trips to the Goodwill when we start on that room! But, it has to get done before the baby gets here. We're going to have lots of house guests and I need to make sure they have somewhere to sleep!

I've gained about 16 lbs or so at this point though I would swear that I've gained 100 lbs. I feel so huge right now. Some of my pregnancy shirts are getting to the point where they barely cover my belly. LOL Oh, well...12 more weeks, 12 more weeks. I think that I'm a lot less patient with this pregnancy even though I'm not nearly as prepared as I was with my first baby. Well, at least I've definately entered the cranky stage. Be careful what you say to me, or don't say, the way you look at me, etc. You never know when I'm going to snap! LOL I'm a pleasure to live with I'm sure. ;)

Hope you are all doing well friends. There is so much craziness and uncertainty in the world right now. Remember to keep your focus on what's important in life and to love and help one another. God Bless!