Friday, August 14, 2009

It's A Girl!

I'm still on a blogging break but thought that I'd just pop in to say that we found out this morning...

Everything is looking good so far. Baby Girl is in the 86% percentile because she's measuring long right now. DD #1 was the same way. Actually her 1 year old birthday is tomorrow and she's been wearing 24 month size clothes for a while now. My OB saw her for the first time today since he delivered her and he couldn't believe how big she is! She's not a baby any more! :( But, at least I'll have another newborn to cuddle for Christmas!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

On A Blogging Break...

Hi Bloggy Friends! I am going on a blogging break for the next couple of weeks. I have about 2.5 weeks to pack this 4 bedroom (!) house before we start moving while chasing my almost 1 yo around the house while Hubby is working. It's going to be a challenge for sure! I will miss you all!

I will post pics and an update as soon as I can. But, chances are that I won't be back until after September 1st. In the meantime, please pray for my little Missy dog. She's almost 8 years old and I'm seriously thinking of putting her to sleep. She has a condition that seems to keep getting worse, meds just aren't working any more, and I know that she's miserable. I hate to do it. It just breaks my heart. DH and I got her when we were dating. She was my first baby. :(

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Can't Sleep Again...

I'm having another one of those early, early mornings. Once again, I got up for my normal 3am prego potty break and couldn't fall back asleep. I tried laying in bed for an hour and no zzz's! So, I decided to get up, check on Facebook, and read some blogs in the hopes that I'll get sleepy again. Dang these pregnancy hormones that are messing up my sleep!

Speaking of pregnancy, I just hit the half-way mark the other day! It's gone by quickly! I'm getting nervous because I'm getting bigger by the day and there's so much to be done. Plus, we're seriously thinking of moving about 1.5 hours from here in the next couple of weeks. My poor Husband has been commuting since last December for his job and he's beat after commuting nearly 3 hours everyday. Plus, the cost of gas is killing us! We can't sell our house for what we want right now so it looks like we'll have to rent it out. We don't want to be stuck with two mortgages since only one of is working. So, we found the most beautiful rental house in the town where my Husband works. It's in a gated community that even has a cute kiddie pool play area. So, I'm excited about that! I'm not sure if this plan is 100% just yet. I'll probably know for sure by the end of next week. But, I'm hoping that it works out so that I can actually see my Husband more than an hour before bed during the work week. Maybe we can sit down as a family and actually eat dinner together at a decent time? Wow!

In addition to making a final decision on our living situation next week, we are also going to find out the gender of baby #2! Plus, DD is having her 1 year birthday party next weekend. So much going on this upcoming week!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Grocery Bill is INSANE!

Inflation, what inflation? I heard Mr. O say on the news this past week that his stimulus plan is fixing the economy. Honey, not at my house! DH and I are working on widdling down our budget the best that we can so that I can continue to stay at home at least for the duration of this pregnancy without completely depleting our savings. Ideally I'd like to stay at home with the kids until they start school but that remains to be seen.

Unemployment is over 13% in our area of FL so I might not have much of a choice but to stay home should I decide to go look for another job. Anyway - back to the subject at hand - My Grocery Bill!

Y'all, for the last several weeks I've spent on average of $170/wk. on groceries for two adults and one baby! This is pure insanity! Over the past 5-6 months I've seen my average weekly grocery bill go from $120 to $150, now to $170! I promise that we aren't eating filet mignon every night either. However, I do buy quite a bit of fresh fruit and veggies and I know that gets expensive. The good news is that we hardly ever go out to eat and I pack DH's lunch everyday. But, I am buying baby food and formula at the grocery store. Sometimes I'll see the baby stuff on sale at Target. If BJ's carries something that I use for DD, I'll get it there.

So, I need your help! If you're a coupon queen, please let me know what websites you use. Also, any links to frugal meal recipes, etc. would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone else noticed their grocery bill going up? I expect groceries to get even more expensive (along with everything else) if Cap & Trade passes in the Senate as well. I'm very concerned about the Obama administration bombarding our system with all of this new legislation that we (the Country) and we (tax paying families) can not afford. Any thoughts?

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Good morning Y'all! I'm sneaking in a few minutes of me time to catch up on blogs and post a quick update on my life. My pregnancy is going well but I get really tired. The good news is that I've been a SAHM for about 1.5 months now and my blood pressure is back down to a normal range. I haven't really had trouble with swelling yet but I'm getting close to the 5 months mark and that's when I started having problems when I was pregnant with DD. I'm hoping that this pregnancy goes a little smoother since I'm not at my stressful job this time. But, that doesn't mean that I haven't been busy!

DD is 11 months now and she is all over the place. I swear that child is half monkey. I told my Husband that we need to bolt whatever furniture we can to the walls and floor. I've caught her trying to climb the bookcases and just yesterday she tried to climb onto the back of the couch. I'm pretty sure she would have jumped had I not caught her. She also likes to hang from the handle bar on the dishwasher and stove. So, let's just say that I can't let her out of my sight for too long because who knows what she'll be up to next. My MIL asked me the other day if she's done something to hurt herself. My response was "No, she seems pretty tough and it doesn't bother her too much if she falls down or even hits something hard enough to get a bruise. My concern is more about - ok, what did DD break this time?" LOL. She's a character and I just love her to pieces.

She learned a couple of weeks ago how to hug you if you ask her for a hug. But, the most precious hugs are when she walks up to you and hugs you when you don't ask. Just melts my heart every time. This past week I've been trying to teach her how to kiss. As of yesterday she figured it out. She'll pucker up her little slobbery baby lips and plant one on you. So cute! Now, I just have to make sure to keep her away from the boys because she is certainly a flirt! Her Dad will kill me if she starts walking up to the little boys and kisses them! LOL.

I'm also working hard to de-clutter my house and get things ready for company. We have several family members coming to visit throughout the rest of the year. I know that I won't have the time or energy to get rid of all of the clutter hiding in our closets and garage after baby #2 gets here. So, I'm slowly working on that each day. I was thinking of having a garage sale when the weather cools down but that will mean sometime around October and I'll be in my third trimester by then. So, I might just give it all to the Goodwill or something. As long as it's gone, I don't care.

I'm having lots of fun staying at home with DD and adjusting from my former fast-paced, high stress professional career to being a SAHM. I've still got some learning to do but I'm getting a little better each week. I'm so proud of myself because now I cook dinner everyday and I pack my husband's lunch every morning. This is a serious accomplishment for me.

Whatever, I'm proud of my Husband for working hard and supporting his family so that I can stay home with our kids. It's a big sacrifice on his part and I so appreciate it! If I can show my appreciation by taking 10 minutes out of my day to make his lunch then I'll do it.

Ok friends, I need to wrap this up. On the agenda today - pick up some stuff from BJ's (like Sam's Club but they have coupons!), get a 1 yo birthday gift for my nephew, and check out some cars. We're thinking about trading in DH's truck for something more commuter friendly. Have a wonderful weekend!