Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Don't Get Paid Enough for This!

WARNING: Do Not read if you aren't in the mood for a whine fest.

In case you've been wondering where I have been...I've been at work! First of all, my husband was gone all last week for an out of state funeral. I've been at home with baby girl working like crazy. Then DH comes home Friday night at the same time that my Dad, Sister, and Nephew arrive for a visit while I'm at work. Or course, on Friday night I had to work late b/c of a last minute work crisis. I got home around 8pm. Crisis isn't over so I work from 11am Saturday morning to 5:30AM Sunday morning with only a 3 hour break to get out for lunch and a little shopping with my family. Then I get about two hours of sleep and arrive back to my office Sunday morning at 9:30am and worked until 5pm without stopping. At least it's done! Of all of the weekends, I can not believe that this work stuff had to come up this weekend. I feel like I still haven't really been able to have a conversation with my husband since he got back.

Yesterday and today I had to work from home with a sick baby. She's doing much better and things should be back to normal tomorrow. But, instead of focusing on my daughter I've been having a sick anxious feeling for two days and feeling guilty about staying home with her (even though I'm partially working) just because I know that there is so much expectation coming from work. I hate feeling like this because work is NOT the most important thing in my life and I shouldn't feel bad about taking care of my sick child. Ugh! This anxiety just makes me want to turn in my resignation. Seriously, after this past weekend I felt like applying for a job at Publix. But, they'd probably tell me I'm over qualified to be a cashier or stock girl. I'm screwed!

I don't need the stress and $$ that comes with a fancy title if it means that I can't have a life and visit with my family who drove 800 miles to visit. Bitter much? Yes! Ok, I feel better now. Venting over. :)


  1. I'm sorry! I hope that your work will get less busy in the upcoming weeks so that you can have the family time you need. It is so hard to be a working mother. Work is not life, but sometimes it feels like it is the only thing that matters because of the pressure it entails. I will be praying for work to get less hectic.

  2. Whew! I'm exhausted just reading this. You def deserved a vent post. Hope you feel better soon. . .good luck with the job at Publix. <3

  3. better keep that stressful job you've got, 'cuz I was in Publix the other day and standing in the checkout line when I overheard the lady in front of me ask the clerk if Publix was hiring. The clerk said "I don't think so." At the same time the store manager just happened to walk up and said NONE of the Publix stores were hiring...ooops! I seriously hope you get some peace soon girl! I hope you don't mind, I answered your question about Southern etiquette as a "comment" on that post from yesterday. I thought others may be interested in some of the books, as well. BTW, my family definitely has redneck tendancies and roots also! South Georgia...please...I know there's not a Sak's Fifth Avenue and probably no Lilly stores there either!

  4. Sounds like we are both in need of a turn-around! Let's be thankful we have jobs and wonderful families! Have a fantastic day and I'll be sending you happy thoughts!