Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dear Washington,

I was advised by multiple news sources today that the Treasury Department has advised GM to start laying the groundwork for a bankruptcy filing by June 1st despite GM's claim that they can reorganize without filing. You have officially put me over the edge.

I'm a lady so let me just summarize by saying "WTF"? Where's my tax money that the government so recklessly handed over to the Big 3 in Detroit which they in turn used to cut more than 10,000 American jobs, slash wages, and oh yeah my favorite -- send $1 billion in TARP funds to Brazil! Many opponents to this legislation waved a red flag last year when talk of the bailout started because despite what you may believe, many voting Americans are smart enough to know that throwing good money after bad is well, a bad idea! Maybe you would have learned that concept in Economics 101 if you knew how to read which apparently most of you don't since you passed a $1 TRILLION dollar stimulus bill without reading it.

Don't write me back with talking points about how the Obama administration inherited these problems and you all are working hard to fix them because I've already heard it. Don't worry, I have plenty of words for the last administration as well. There's nothing we can do to change the past. But, we can change the present. Aren't you supposed to specialize in "change"? So far, the only change I've seen is an increase in our national debt and a decrease in our liberty. In case you've lost sight, let me remind you who is paying that debt -- me! That's right, I'm spending time away from my family and my home to earn a living and pay taxes and this is how you treat me? That's it! I'm steeping mad! So, tomorrow I will be joining thousands of other American Patriots at a Tax Day Tea Party to protest what is and has been going on in Washington. Enough is enough. We are Taxed Enough Already!

Most Sincerely,

Southern Savvy


  1. Oh goodness, Michigan is in the worst place right now! Although I specifically do not agree with the protests. I think we're going to have to spend money to get us out of the debt left by the last admin. I don't see any other way of doing it, sadly. I pray for President Obama daily. I can't imagine the weight he has on his shoulders right now. :( Blessings to you!

  2. Hi, thanks for coming by & for your post! I appreciate the support. That post got way out of control, so I stopped the comments. I had no idea it would come to that. You expressed yourself very well in this post, so I commend you for that. I think we are all upset & afraid of where our country is headed! Everyone's on edge now.

  3. Oh, and no, my hubby doesn't have a blog, but maybe he should. He's into a lot of financial arenas & keeps up on some message boards, so I'm sure they ALL hear his opinions. :)

  4. Oh my. . .I saw these on television. I really respect your desire be the change you wish to see and the gumption it takes to post something like this on your blog.