Saturday, February 28, 2009

Savvy has been grounded. Boo Hoo!!!!

That's right y'all...I've been my Husband. This is what I get for complaining about how much I do and how little he does. So, he offers to take over the family finances to help take some stress off of me. I have been managing our finances since before we got married. I mean, I'm an accountant. Being anal with money is what I'm all about. I have everything set up and automated on my computer and I've been doing it this way for about 6 or 7 years. You have no idea how hard it is for me to give over control like that! But, I recently joined an all girls money club and this "control" issue is one of the things that we discussed and I know it's something that I have to work on because our finances really should be a joint effort. Anyway, I reluctantly handed everything over to him after a quick session on Quicken (P.S. - QuickBooks is much better but Quicken does a better job downloading and automating transactions for personal use in my experience).

So, after I handed over all of the passwords, etc. I was feeling a little less stressed. One less thing for me to worry about right? I was even so proud of DH b/c he was up early the next morning making sure that everything was updated and reconciled. A couple of days go by and then I realize, "Oh, crapola! I have a hair appt. on Saturday and DH is going to flip when he finds out how much I actually spend on my hair!" See, like any good wife, I've been sheltering him from all of the costs that we women have to go through b/c really, men just don't get it. I'm not that high maitenance and I honestly buy most of my beauty products at Target. But, I learned a long time ago that some things I just need to leave to the professionals and that includes coloring my hair and bikini waxes.

So, I come back from the salon this afternoon, and before he even turned around to look at my hair he wanted to know how much I spent, so he could update his numbers. Now who's anal? LOL! So, my dirty secret is out and I'm in trouble! He likes my hair but said it isn't worth the price. He thinks that I need to let him color it next time and get it cut at Great Clips for $15 like he does. Are you freakin' kidding me? What's a girl to do?

Oh, well. I'm going to let him simmer down and hope he forgets about it by the time my next appt. comes around in 8 weeks (cut only, no color!). Then I'll deal it. he, he.


  1. Hello, :)
    I just adore your witty blog.
    You are too cute! Funny story!

    Thank you so much for visiting
    mine and becoming a follower.
    I really appreciate it.

    Please stop by and say hi anytime.
    You're always welcome!

    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  2. My wife and 20 year old daughter go to Great Clips and lover their stylists.

  3. Okay -- you cannot go to great clips! You just can't! As far as hair goes, you get what you pay for (at least up until a certain point). Men just do not understand this. I don't know what to tell you, this is a crisis. :)

  4. And that's why I'm not handing the finances over to my hubby!!

  5. This is so me! Mr. R ALWAYS gets all crazy about me getting my hair done and we aren't even married or anything. Guys just don't understand :)

  6. He may complain about the price, but I'm sure he never complains about the way you look. I always remind my honey of that if he thinks I've spent too much money beautifying msyelf

  7. UGH!!! I tried posting a comment earlier but it wouldn't let me. Okay. The first thing I do for my hands is I always wear gloves when working with any cleaning chemicals. I use a ton of lotion especially after cleaning & dishes. I use cuticle oil daily (normally first thing in the morning). But I think the key is to use a brush on nail glue as a base even with clear polish only. This keeps my nails more firm and helps keep them from chipping. I can get through about 4-5 days without a polish touch up. But normally I tire of the color before then. Seriously though...I think the nail glue is the key. Good luck and let me know how it works for you if you try it. {HUGS}