Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Saturday Y'all!

I'm so happy to have a day off! AND - the babysitter will be here at 11am. DH and I still aren't exactly sure what we'll do with ourselves for 4 whole hours but we'll figure it out. For starters, we're going down to the local marina to eat lunch. When I say marina don't think bait and tackle, rather think posh! This is one of those places where you roll up in your yacht to eat, drink, and shop in one of the cute boutiques which is exactly what I'll be doing except I'll be rolling up in my Saturn Vue. LOL I'll be sure to take a few pictures to share with everyone. I could easily stay at this marina for the entire afternoon sipping on mojitos but maybe we'll come up with something else to do as well. Perfect day for mojitos outside at the cabana bar - sunny and high of 81. Sending warm FL vibes to all of my bloggy friends who are still chilly! Have a fabulous day with the ones you love. I'll post later on this evening about my crazy week.


  1. I'm jealous! We're are expecting snow on Monday and it is in the 30-40s this weekend - where is Spring?!!!

  2. Cute blog! That drink looks delicious and I was give anything for weather above 60 degrees.