Saturday, January 17, 2009

Such a busy day!

I have such a busy day ahead of me! I want to get as much as possible done today so I can relax with my family tomorrow.

My Saturday to-do list:
1. Doggie baths
2. Laundry
3. Ironing (I never seem to get this one done!)
4. Meal Planning
5. Grocery shopping
6. Cook and freeze a couple of meals for the upcoming weeks.
7. The typical housecleaning scramble.

8. Get the child lock on my car door fixed.
9. Buy a highchair for my big girl.

I can't believe she's ready for a highchair already! I had originally registered for a very chic highchair that somewhat blended into my decor. But, I've learned that my DD is high energy and I have to keep her entertained or she's just not going to let me get anything done! So, I'm going with the rainforest highchair at Target. It's reasonably priced, has good reviews, and even comes with a toy to keep DD entertained while I try to get her food together.

I know that mothers aren't supposed to care about things like this, but I'm just not a fan of all of the brightly colored baby stuff that has taken over my house. It just clashes with everything and between the swing, jumper, playmat, and exersaucer - it's hard to walk around my living room! LOL But, it's a small price to pay for such a wonderful baby girl!

I used to follow the FlyLady's routine for housework. I'm still on the list serv but I just delete the emails. I've totally fallen off of the FlyLady wagon since I had DD but I have managed to keep a few good habits like making sure that my kitchen sink is shining before bed! I really need to get back to my old FlyLady routines because my house wasn't as chaotic then. I guess it's just taken me some time to get into a routine with DD. Plus, it doesn't help that DH now has over an hour commute both ways for his new job. He's no help in the mornings and not much better in the evenings. Ugh - being the wife and mother is exhausting! I so deserve a day at the spa and I'm hoping to do that soon - if I can find the time!

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. My weekend looks similar except the baby stuff (one day hopefully) we women can never get caught up, do we?

  2. Hello! I'm your first follower!!! I can't wait to read more!!! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend!!