Sunday, March 22, 2009

Gettin' Busy!

Just wanted to share a funny story from this evening...

Mr. Savvy (on the phone with his brother who has a 2 year old little girl let's call her little Susie): Wow - it's 9:00pm and Susie is wide open!

Uncle Savvy: Yeah, she's wild. It's like this every night. She doesn't go to bed until sometime around 11pm.

Mr. Savvy: So, ummm, are y'all going to have any more children anytime soon? Personally, I'd love to have two or three more.

Me: (in the background) WHAT????!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Savvy: Oh, LAWD! Oh, Hellz no, I couldn't handle that. One more of these would run me out of the house for sure!

Little Susie: (in the background) I want a little brother, I want a little brother, I want a little brother!

Uncle Savvy: Susie, can you belive that Mr. Savvy wants 4 kids?!

Little Susie: (to Mr. Savvy on the phone) Y'all better start gettin' busy then!

What the heck are they teaching this child????!!! LOL!


  1. This is too funny! Thanks for sharing. <3

  2. That hilarious! You know...the hoity toity crowd at the Ritz just looked at me a little, that's all! I told my server that I was a taking photos for my scrapbook:)

  3. Very funny! I think we live in the same corner of Florida. Look forward to following your happy life!