Monday, February 15, 2010

I've Got Nothing. Do You Have Questions?

That's right. I'm also jumping on the bloggersphere bandwagon and opening up to readers' questions because I have nothing interesting to blog about right now. Well, I'm sure that there's something but I'm just too tired or maybe too lazy to think of something right now.

So let me have it. Is there anything that you want to know? I swear that I can be somewhat interesting when I'm not so sleep deprived. Speaking of which...I need to get a refill on this coffee before the babes wake up and we start the night shift around here.


  1. I'll go with a generic one....why did you start blogging? What is a typical day like at your house?

    Hope all is good! I have missed you! xoxo

  2. What kind of coffee do you drink and do you add sugar/cream? How many cups/day? What's your favorite place to get coffee out? What do you get if you go to Starbucks?

  3. What's your schedule and how has it changed since baby #2? Any advice for someone that may want a baby #2? That someone is waiting a while but any advice you have would be great!