Saturday, February 20, 2010

Fat Baby Rolls and Still No Sleep!

Baby girl had her 2 month check up yesterday and toddler had her 18 month check up. I have to gloat here for moment...BOTH girls had shots at the same time and I survived! It wasn't easy! But, once I got them both back in the car it only took about two minutes of driving before they were both knocked out. Of course, they were both cranky the rest of the day. :(

Anyway, Doc says that baby girl needs to go on a diet! Well, not really, but I'm supposed to dilute her formula a bit and try to get her to skip her middle of the night feeding. I told him that I would gladly skip her middle of the night bottle if I could get the kid to sleep! I've tried letting her cry, feeding her water, and even putting rice cereal in her bedtime bottle. Nothing is working. As a result, she's one little chunky monkey! She's in the 95% for height (2 ft. tall @ 2 months!) but she's off the chart for weight! LOL Poor little thing...but Mama loves those fat little baby rolls!

So, Doc told me to let her cry 20 minutes when she wakes up at night. Then if she still wants to eat, give her a diluted bottle. He said to keep increasing the diluation until I halve the formula amount. After two weeks, this baby is supposed to be sleeping through the night if I stay consistent. We'll see... Got any tricks to get babies to sleep through the night? I'd be happy with a 6 hour stretch.


  1. i think blogger ate my comment. swaddling was useless for lila...too squirmy at night. the kiddopattomus straightjacket from babies r us worked like a charm. we put her in it around the 6 week mark and sleep through the night she did. my friend with a 4 month old still not sleeping tried it and said her "son didn't like it". well lila didn't seem to either at first but she had no choice, we were all better off with the extra sleep. good luck!

  2. well usually babies don't really set a sleeping pattern until 4 months...
    i wouldn't worry about her weight...she seems right on target. (my dd was in the 95% too and at 17m she's in the 80's goes up and down)
    when babies become mobile the work off that baby weight! :o)

  3. My middle son was 15 lbs at 2 months. He was a breastfed chunky monkey! I think he was 20 lbs at either 4 or 6 months. He is built like a linebacker. He is 8 yo now and weighs more than his (skinny) 11 yo brother.