Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a Flylady Party!

In the last couple of months of my pregnancy my house has been severely neglected. I'm feeling like my old self now and it's time to get things around here back in order! I'm trying to get back to my old routines with the Flylady's help! If you want to learn more about her program, go check it out here for free and learn how 15 minutes at a time can erase the chaos in your house and help you create a peaceful home for your family. You deserve it!

Join The Flylady Friday Party!

In an effort to support other ladies out there who are struggling to manage all of the chaos in their lives, Sweet Tea and Biscuits and I are going to be hosting a weekly Flylady party! Join us for Flylady Friday and show us what you did in 15 minutes this week to create the home you deserve! Share with others what your routines are, your struggles, your successes, and what works for you!

So, go check out the Flylady and please join my linky party this coming Friday! If you want to join the party, take 15 minutes this week and draft your Morning Routine, then meet me back here on Friday to link up your post!

Start 2010 off right and get your home de-cluttered, organized, and sparkling! See you on Friday!


  1. so excited! I will send out a post and tweet about it tommorow for other flybabies out there. Today was my first day that I accomplished all the things on my morning list - I am one happy momma! baby steps, baby steps :)

  2. This sounds like something I should look into!

  3. I am a BIG flylady fan! I am all over this girl! Thanks ya'll! XOXO