Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Y'All!

I'm taking a quick break between my T-day cooking duties to wish y'all a very Happy Thanksgiving! After 7 years of marriage, we aren't traveling this year and I'm cooking a turkey all by myself for the first time! No damage done yet, just a slight burn on my hand. LOL Let's hope the rest of the day goes ok! If nothing else, the pumpkin pie looks great and I know that I won't mess up the green bean casserole or mashed potatoes! :)

Blessings to you and yours. God is Great!


  1. MMM I can just smell that pumpkin pie! Also, if you have not had pumpkin cheesecake, I *highly* recommend it!

    Happy turkey day!

  2. Hey girl!! I left you a little something over at my blog. Hope your having a great Thanksgiving! xoxo

  3. I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!!! XOXO