Friday, July 3, 2009


Why is it that tourists think it's ok to come Florida and walk into my grocery store in their bikini, shakin' their jiggly up and down the aisle? Honey, that mesh cover-up is not helping much either! Seriously people... Would you do that where you live?


  1. Aw, every time I am in Florida I think about the "locals" and how they must see random craziness all the time. By the way, who was in charge of making your blog look so stinking cute? I LOVE it!!!

  2. Yeah, some things are better left unseen!!

  3. Must be that whole "I will never see anybody I know here" thing?

  4. Hey...when I lived in wasn't the tourists shaking their jiggly in the grocery store. In fact, it was the geezers in their g-strings that drove me underwater...I'd rather hang out with a bull shark...or red tide.

  5. well, I live in a tourist-town in Florida that needs tourist like that. Otherwise, the economy is most Florida cities will not thrive and we'll all end up like Silver Springs. =(

    But, I just love how if you're at a bar and a tourist finds out you're a local they are instantly, "Omg! We should be friends! Do you have facebook? I just love it here..."

    Shoot me!

    But... YES ... above all, just put some clothes on!! ;)