Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Any Ideas For Organizing Shoes?

Do y'all have any ideas for organizing shoes by the front door? We don't have a closet in our entryway. It's an open area. We always take off our shoes at the front door. It wasn't a problem until now that my 10 month old is walking!

DD loves to steal our shoes, put them in her baby doll stroller, walk them around the house, and hide them. LOL Who knows where you'll find your shoes! I don't like her playing with dirty shoes and I don't like searching for them. So, does anyone have any ideas for storing shoes at the front door that #1 would prevent my little one from playing with them and #2 is NOT ugly? I've seen all kinds of shoe caddies, etc. online but nothing I've found looks nice. Time to get creative!


  1. This might sound stupid but could you hang some wall shelves and set them on there? Or maybe do an over the door shoe holder if you can get one that you can take the straps off and hang it on the wall. Other than that my only other suggestion would be to do a bookshelf and store the shoes on the top shelves. Good luck and let us know what you decide to do. :) XOXO

  2. This probably won't help you with the toddler shoe stealer but I keep a really pretty big wicker basket that I spray painted to match my room by my back door and keep all my everyday shoes in there. Good luck!

  3. Hey! Funny I should come across this..., I JUST bought a shoe "cubby" unit for my front door area!

    It beats the piles of shoes that used to accumulate!

    Target (on sale) $39.95) as opposed to $70 something.

    It has 9 cubbies and is kinda cute.

    Good luck!