Monday, September 14, 2009

Celebrating the South!

Miss Janice is hosting a wonderful Southern Lady Celebration Giveaway. The giveaway includes a package of signed and personalized southern books by fabulous Southern Ladies such as Sister Schubert and Laurie Smith! I love Laurie! She's too cute for words and I just love her decorating style. I've been a big fan since her early days on Trading Spaces. Y'all go over and visit Miss Janice's post here if you're interested in attending the Southern Lady Celebration (wish I could!) or to enter the giveaway!

In honor of Celebrating the Southern Lady, I thought that I'd share a list of things that define the South for me. But, this list is just a small start. It's really the overall culture that defines the South for me.

1. Sweet Tea: This is just a given. As I mentioned before, I don't consider Florida to be the real South. One of the reasons why is because some restaurants don't have real freshly brewed and sweetened iced tea. They either try to serve that instant crap (I can tell the difference!) or they offer that yucky raspberry iced tea (what??).

2. Moon Pies: This needs no explanation. If you haven't had one, you must. Eat it with an RC Cola if you want the full experience.

3. Southern Gentlemen: There's nothing like a man who was raised right by his Mama! Extra points for those Gents who wear seersucker and bowties - oh, and Lilly too!

4. Southern Drawls - Southern Gentleman + Southern Drawl = Swoon! I love to hear a Southern Drawl in Florida. It just reminds me of home.

5. People With Manners: Really, I don't think that people are taught manners anymore. My old boss was actually offended when I let a "Yes M'am" slip out. She would promptly inform me how long and hard she worked to get where she was and that she wasn't some old lady so don't call her M'am because it's demeaning. Really? Does anyone else feel like feminism has killed being feminine? That's a post for another time.

6. Traditional Family Values: You can disagree if you like, but I feel like this Country has long forgot about family values and our children are suffering because of it.

7. Sun Drop: I want some now please. But, that will have to wait until the baby gets here. Dang you pregnancy induced hypertension!

8. ACC Basketball and Football Season: I'm an ACC girl. GO WOLFPACK! (I attended NC State for my undergraduate degree) Girls dressing up in school colors, boys wearing a shirt and tie, cheering on the Wolfpack and jeering those Tar Heels, Deacons, and Dookies! :)

9. Southern Hospitality: This goes back to the Southern Culture that I love and miss so much. Neighbors bring over baked goods when they see someone new has moved onto the street. Women organize enough food to last a couple of weeks when a loved one has passed or a new baby is born. Gentlemen tip their hats to ladies and hold the door open. People smile and wave at strangers because there are no strangers in the South. It's about honest to goodness morals, values, and kindness.

10. A True Love for God, Family, Freedom, and Country.

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to add to my list!


  1. What a wonderful post! You are so right! LOVE the South and all it's great traditions.

    Thank you very much for your kind encouragement today. It really means alot to me. I was so embarrassed to write that post and everyone has been so supportive.

    I hope all is going well for you and the future baby. ~Blessings my friend, ~Melissa :)

  2. I love it! I agree too...I love people with manners, and I think it's sad to see the way the basic love and respect has seemed to go the way of the dodo in some places. I think your boss was pretty rude to say what she did, but then you know her and I don't. I've gotten funny looks calling someone 'Miss' (first name) or 'Mister' (first name)...I'm sure you heard that growing up too.

    And much of Florida doesn't consider itself to be part of the South either. I can't live without my sweet tea!

  3. Having grown up in Florida, I'm probably a little more 'country' than I am "Southern', but that doesn't stop me from calling people the "Y" word, loving sweet tea, moon pies and RC cola, or calling all soda "coke." I love the South because we are, in general, so laid back and mild mannered (unless there is something important on the line like football!). And PS -- my new boss informed me that she didn't like being called "Ms. Peggy." Little did she know my mama would have died if I called her anything else.

    Great post missy! And in case you didn't see, you have a blog award waiting for you.