Friday, October 16, 2009

Why, Thank You Very Much!

I'm late to say thank you, but Thank You Very Much to my bloggy friends who have sent me blog awards! I appreciate you reading my blog and your sweet comments!

Prissy Southern Prep gave me the You're A Gem award! Thanks Miss Prissy! Her blog is a private read so if you don't know her, let me tell you that she is such a sweet Southern lady who happens to have the cutest new haircut of which I'm totally jealous!

This award is for the special bloggers who take the time not only to read my posts, but also leave comments, respond to comments, form blog friendships with and support others, answer blogger questions, etc. . . . the ones who are "a real gem" in the bloggy world! The bloggy world wouldn't be the same without you! The only rule for this award is to accept it, display it proudly on your blog for all the bloggy world to see your greatness, and/or pass it on to other bloggers as you see fit. So, to the following bloggers I say, "you're a gem to me" and here is your award!

I'm passing along this blog award to the following gems:

Short Southern Momma
Solar Powered
Melissa's Heart and Home
Hula Girl at Heart
Peppermint Bee

I also recently received the Best Blog Award from my fellow Florida blogger Miss Hula Girl at Heart who also shares a love for the South!

The only rules for this award are to link back to the person who gave it you and to pass it on to 15 new bloggie friends, who have fabulous blogs of their own (and make sure you let them know they an award-worthy so they can proudly display the goods on their blog). Ok, I'm passing this award along to all of my followers with blogs because I can't just choose 15! Y'all are all award worthy!

Happy Friday Y'all! As soon as little bit wakes up from her nap we're off to Publix and Wally World. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Wal-Mart? Hmmm...there's another blog post brewing I think. :)


  1. Congrats on the awards girl! You totally deserve them!! Thanks soooooo much for passing it on to me I can't wait to post it!! Hope you have a great weekend and congrats to the all you other ladies that were tagged too! = )

  2. Congrats on your wonderful awards you've received! They are all well deserved for sure.

    Thank you very much for thinking of me for such a special award. It is so pretty too. Who doesn't want a sparkly gem to display on their blog right? It's lovely and I'll think of you with gratitude when I see it my friend.

    Thank you for your sweet visit today as well. I really appreciate your encouragement on my healthy life. I feel great these days!

    Many blessings to you this weekend.
    ~Melissa :)

  3. Awww.. .thank you so much! This is, by far, the best award I've ever gotten. :) Have a great weekend and good luck in Wal-Mart!

  4. Thanks so much for the award...I'll pass it on. I detest wal-mart. Glad that supertarget is closer to my house than WM!

  5. I found your blog through Short Southern Momma -- now following ya ;)